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How to Get the EPP Code From GoDaddy

Acquiring the EPP/Auth code from GoDaddy

If your domain name is registered at GoDaddy and you want to transfer it ...


Complete Guide to Filtering Email Spam

In this post, we will guide you on two ways to filter spam.

Anyone can send you an email, but ...


Why Is My Email Not Sending or Receiving? Possible Cause: Missing DNS Records

You are unable to send or receive emails; in most cases, this issue arises because you have not set ...


How to re-brand mailbux.com


This straightforward guide will walk you through the process of rebranding mailbux.com to align with your own brand identity, ...


How to clear Mailbux cache to be able to re-login


To use https://mailbux.com again with Lucy server, you will need to perform a quick clear application data in your ...


Set up Outlook with your MailWish business email accounts

How to set up Outlook to send and receive with a MailWish business email account.
We don't recommend setting up ...


Setting a catch-all Address

When The server receives e-mail to addresses that don't exist, it has to do something with those messages. The ...


How to create Email Alias/Forwaders

Use Forwarders For Both Email Alias Or Forwader
Forwarders allow you to direct incoming mail to a different address. For ...


Effortlessly Transfer Your Email Account Data to Mailwish


In today's fast-paced digital world, email is a cornerstone of communication for businesses and individuals alike. Changing your email ...


SMTP, IMAP and POP3 details

Email Client Setup Guide for Mailwish Email Service

Note: before using the IMAP or SMTP please make sure you followed ...

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